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AFTER PRAY is a menswear contemporary brand from Korea and has launched in 2018 by Korean duo designers and

FW23 is their first international launch.


One of the designers graduated ESMOD PARIS and developed his unique & comfortable 3D pattern making skills from

the most famous Men's pattern maker in Korea. So, they have been renowned for three dimensional and well fitted patterns

and knitwear & outerwear became popular. Especially they led the trend of Balmacan coat in Korea.


AFTER PRAY pursues hybrid fashion brand infused with Tailoring, workwear, street & sportswear.

The brand is good at visual contents making and brings unique character to a life with reflecting their vision for youth.

And they named as ‘AFTER PRAY’ to express their wish to share the vision with the customers having their pieces.


General Inquiries :

Wholesale Inquires :

Instagram : @afterpray_official



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