LEJE, meaning “ego” in French, is a high end contemporary menswear brand born in Paris from the minds of Je Yangmo and Kang Ju Hyeong. 


Je studied at Studio Bercot in Paris. After his study, he worked for Lanvin, interned with Wooyoungmi in Seoul and then worked as a junior designer for Balmain in Paris. Kang studied at ESMOD Paris. After his study, he worked primarily as a stylist, contributing to renowned magazines such as Vogue France and W France.


At LEJE, Kang and Je are creating a singular vision, combining their individual experiences together to develop a line made from the same, shared values. LEJE is inspired by feelings of authenticity from people, moments and places found in philosophy and the arts. Their designs capture these feelings and are constructed from the designer’s thoughts; LEJE is deeply personal. Each garment is meticulously thought out and clever. The designers use traditional French draping and details and silhouettes that are born from French elegance but Je and Kang transcend the traditional by punctuating their designs with stylish accents, undercut with a contemporary flair, using sensual materials and bold color choices.


LEJE is essential for those who are unique, elegant with candor, and who desire to show their feelings and nothing but a true representation of themself.


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